A Pittsburgh native, I’ve been writing music since grade school.  My first song was about  a crush I had on a girl who didn’t reciprocate my feelings. I think most songwriters start somewhere in that neighborhood. From there, my songs have told stories of social injustice, friendship, love and love lost,of course my favorite songs about “making lemonade”.

There was a fairly long time when writing, singing and performing were on life’s back burner. I have three amazing children who got a different best of me for a few years. You know, raising babies, reading stories, home room mother, coach, friend and most importantly Dad. They are older now and need less of my time so…………. music!

“I love and I am loved”.  I wish the same for you.


Music & Video

“The content of Henry’s songs are both youthful and wise, and he performs them with an authentic and earnest love of music.”

“Performances: warm and inviting. You feel right at home while listening to the melodies of Henry’s songs.”